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Linda Bennet

I highly recommend elite custom fitness to anyone it's such a happy place and all the staff and coaches are amazing and jack digwood is the greatest. He always makes sure everyone in the gym is comfortable and feeling good I absolutely love the place. I look forward to going there times a week my daughter Amanda and I are so grateful that elite came in our lives so yes I would highly recommend elite custom fitness.

Lisa Katra

Great knowledgeable professionals if your in need of getting healthier through an exercise program I highly recommend them! The staff makes all the difference as they are invested in your care and are second to none!

Michelle Rogan

Seriously, I have never committed to a program before coming to Elite. The minute we (the three Amigas) walked in the door a year ago we felt welcomed. Jack and his trainers were interested in us. They wanted us to succeed and we have. We are dedicated to at least 3 sessions a week, feel much stronger, ...trying to eat much healthier, and have met some really nice people in the process. Elite is the place you want to be!!

B.J. Berrettini

I can't say enough about Jack Digwood and what he and his wife Kristen have created at Elite Custom Fitness. Their cutting edge training philosophy combined with their extensive experience in physical therapy result in effective functional fitness programs I have not seen anywhere else. Despite being a former athlete with a lot of training experience, I could not figure out how to overcome a few injuries on my own and get strong again. Over the past few months, knee and ankle pain that plagued me for five years is relatively gone and I am stronger head-to-toe than I have been in ten years! On top of this, the environment at Elite Fitness is genuinely inviting and highly positive, which is a rare thing these days. I couldn't be happier.

Brittany Koneski

I hated going to the gym by myself, so I decided to join the large group classes at Elite. It was the best decision I ever made! I actually love going to the gym and working out now! The staff is awesome, which makes coming even better! They are all so supportive!